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Tips to accommodate your out of town wedding guests

Weddings are huge celebrations for everyone invited. We all love being witnesses to magical moments that celebrate love and commitment! However, if you plan on having a destination wedding or if you will have many out of town wedding guests, you will absolutely have to make sure they are properly accommodated. Here are some tips on how to do this easy and hassle-free:


Your guests will most likely not expect you to actually pay for the transportation and accommodation. However, you can make their lives easier (and their pockets feel fuller) by booking either a rental home where you can accommodate them all or a set of discounted rooms in a hotel. This way, although they will be the ones paying for the accommodation, they will still be able to save some generous amounts of money on it.
Don’t forget about the welcome baskets. If you can’t afford paying for their trip (and that’s normal, considering you probably have many guests and not an unlimited source of money), you can at least make them feel like actual VIPs. Baskets with nice flowers, fruits, sweets and tokens of your gratitude can work miracles here!
Provide transportation from the airport to the hotel too. If you want to save some money on this, book your guests in a hotel that offers free shuttle service as well. This way, they will not get lost wandering around and nobody’s money will be lost either.
Provide at least nice meal for them – this might be the rehearsal dinner or even the breakfast on the morning following the wedding. Preferably, have them both. Your guests will definitely appreciate the gesture!
If you need any kind of help with your wedding planning tasks, make sure to contact the professionals we have gathered at Bride World! With their experience and know-how, your wedding is surely bound to be magical!

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