Top Apps for Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding is very much like a rollercoaster: one minute you’re high in the sky, dreaming up the details of your Big Day, and next thing you know you fall low, stressed out that you can’t find what you’re searching for.

Thankfully, wedding planning is a lot easier these days than it used to be – specifically because technology is on your side. Aside from the huge source of information the Internet is, there are also some apps you might wat to check out as a future bride. Following, we have gathered some of the best ones – so read on and inspire yourself.

wedding planning tips

  • Pantone Studio. This free smartphone app will allow you to create the perfect color combinations you have always dreamed of. Download it, install it on your iPhone, and start playing around with it – as you will see, it can be a true treasure trove of beauty and ideas!

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  • We all know wedding money can be a stingy issue, especially when multiple people are contributing to helping you cover the expenses. If you want to make sure everything is properly tracked, and if you want to make sure everything is fair and square, get Splitwise. This free app can be absolute gold when you want to split the expense of anything among multiple people – and yes, your wedding expenses make no exception from the rule.

DO make sure you hire an amazing wedding photographer for your So-Cal wedding, so that these amazing moments are captured in a beautiful way!

wedding planning apps

  • WeddingWire’s WedSocial. If you’re not very much into social media and hashtags, but you still want to know what your guests posted from your wedding this app is just what you need. Basically, it will allow you to safely share all the wedding pictures only with the people you want to – which eliminates the privacy issues some social networks have.


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