Top Transportation Tips for Trendy Traveling

Need help choosing your wedding transportation? Find out the when, where and why’s of how to travel in style.


Choose your wedding transportation around 3-6 months before your wedding date. If your wedding is around prom or graduation (April, May, June) season book your transportation even earlier. At your final reservation pay your transportation company in person and ask to see the vehicle. You can inspect the transportation choice in person to see if perhaps it doesn’t fit your style. Make sure there are no dings or dents that will be easily captured in wedding photos!


Every bride deserves to feel like a princess on her wedding day! There are so many different styles of wedding transportation. Choose from a classic car, charming carriage, pretty party bus or a whimsical waterway boat!


Your carriage of choice should arrive promptly at your venue. Book your vehicle 30 mins prior to the needed arrival time to ensure they are on time. Always play on the safe side! It is much better to pay a little extra for your car to be on time than have them arrive late and keep your guests waiting.


Make a headcount of the VIPs in your party. This will include the couple, wedding parties, parents of the couple, siblings of the coupe and grandparents. Where do you draw your limits as to providing transportation? Well, that would really come down to your personal finances. Consider other close relatives, out-of-town guests and elderly guests. Some things to consider when debating on transportation needs:

  • Location: If you have a large party of out-of-town guests, or have a destination wedding, consider providing transportation. Sometimes your guests book hotels that are hard to reach. When planning a destination wedding outside of your residing country many guests do not want to drive and can feel overwhelmed with driving in another country.
  • Distance: Try to keep your guests a maximum of 30 minutes away from your venue. Any more than that and you will need to consider transportation as to not trouble your guests with extra costs of finding a taxi. Find a hotel near your venue (if it isn’t already at a hotel) and book blocks of rooms for your guests to reserve. If the nearest hotel is still far you still have the option of hiring a bus for bigger parties instead of individual cars.
  • Special assistance: If you have elderly guests, special needs or guests that require extra care try to designate a family member (perhaps a cousin?) that can go and personally pick up these guests to make sure they are properly taken care of.


Figure out your final itinerary before you start to make calls on transportation. Always plan early. For example, estimate pick up time for wedding ceremony plan to arrive 15 mins early and then start to create buffer time. Consider ceremony time, traffic, driving, time to find parking and getting all your dolled up guests into the vehicle.

If your reception venue happens to be at a different location than your wedding ceremony, arrange accordingly. Remember, timing is everything. Take into account how far your reception area is and when the venue will be ready to host guests. For example, if you’re reception start at 6 pm, avoid having your guests arrive at the reception area at 5 pm. It will be in the process of being ready so they may have to wait around. Not a good look.


Ugh. The not so fun but oh so important money decisions. According to WeddingStats, the average cost of transportation is $750. Of course the cost will widely vary on the type of transportation, where and sometimes when. Traditionally, the bride’s side will support the finances of transportation among many other costs. Nowadays, it is totally on the table to split the costs! Take a look at your budget and ensure that there is some way to pay for to and froms.

If you are leaving all the transportation up to your guests make that known! Give your guests resources on where and how to arrive at your wedding. This will allow your guests to budget their own finances.

Tips For A Smaller Budget:

  • Shop Around: Call several transportation companies to help you compare different rates/quotes.
  • Special offers: Ask for any special offers. Many companies will throw in freebies for weddings!
  • Opt for pick-up and drop-off services only: See if you can have transportation for pick-up and drop-off. Instead of waiting around for hours during your ceremony they can return at the end for transportation to reception lowering your costs.
  • Best way to save: Designate family members to help transport guests. If you choose to go with a transportation company, ask them if color or extra bells and whistles matter. Get the simplest form to cut back on your bills. Inquire with your transportation company about discounts for bulk cars.
  • If guests are traveling on their own make sure their is ample parking located on the premises of your venue(s).

Final Considerations

Make sure to get all contracts in writing! These contracts should include:

  • dates/times
  • types/number of vehicles
  • number of hours each vehicle is hired
  • total cost with gas
  • overtime fees
  • penalties
  • tips
  • deposit amount
  • cancellation policies/refunds.
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