Tried and True Tips

Each season, BrideWorld interacts with thousands of brides-to-be as well as seasoned wedding professionals. Along the way, we’ve collected some of their best advice, and humbly offer it to you:

• Make sure you’ve found and purchased your wedding day shoes *before* you get your dress altered! You’ll need to stand in them to get an accurate measurement of the bottom hem.
• Go shoe shopping in the afternoon, when your feet are biggest.

• Break your wedding shoes in at least 2 weeks before the big day. Walk around the house. Keep them on for *hours* just to make sure you’re extra comfortable.

• Many brides purchase 2 pairs of shoes: one for the ceremony, and another for the reception. Ballet slipper-type shoes are popular as reception wear because they are comfortable, will protect your hose and keep you from slipping on the dance floor.

• Before you invest in an expensive wedding trousseau (bra, girdle, corset or slips), check the return policy. You can never be 100 percent sure it works until you try it on with your dress. Many undergarments (especially those with underwire, whalebone or other solid insert) will show through the sheer, snug fabric of your wedding dress. It’s not worth a little extra tuck if your wedding guests can see your panty lines!

• When buying undergarments, move around the dressing room, sit down and stand up several times and keep comfort in mind! Some items may bunch, slide or jab you in unexpected places.

• Can’t find a bra that doesn’t show? You can get bra cups sewn into almost any wedding gown by your alteration tailor. Often the charge is considerably less than buying a fancy bra.

• Does your full-skirted dress need a petticoat? Before you buy one, see if you can borrow one, rent one from your tailor or find one at a second-hand store. No-one will ever know the difference and the money you’ll save is better spent on other things. Your honeymoon, for instance…

• Don’t waste one minute worrying about your dress once the ceremony is over. No matter what you do, it will get dirty. Amazingly so along the bottom hem. Let it go. Wedding gown cleaners/preservationists can work miracles later. Your dress will look good as new.

• Visit our Buying the Dress section for a whole page of wedding dress tips!

• “You may now kiss the bride.” Waited your whole life to hear that? Make sure your officiant knows. The Kiss is technically not a necessary part of the wedding ceremony, and believe it or not, some officiants won’t include it. Be sure to ask ahead of time.

• Pay for everything and anything by credit card to protect yourself. Accidents happen. If something horrible befalls a part of your wedding plans, if you’ve paid with a credit card, you have options. If you’ve paid by check or with cash, you might never get a refund, and for a time, you’ll end up paying twice.

• When making preparations, mentally tell yourself your wedding is two weeks earlier than it actually is. This will help you pad your dates and get everything settled ahead of time.

• Consider having your fiance schedule the bachelor party 2 nights before the wedding. He’ll still have a night on the town… and an entire day to recover.

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