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Unique edible wedding favors

Wedding favors are a very nice gesture that shows your guests they mean a lot to you (and that their presence at your wedding is surely appreciated). Of course, you are free to choose whatever type of wedding favors feels more suitable for you – but truth be told, you cannot go wrong with edible favors.

What are the latest trends and ideas in this respect? Here are some tips you might want to consider:

wedding favors

  • Everyone knows macaroons and weddings are a match made in Heaven – but if you’re tired of seeing this treat everywhere you go, alfajores will surely please you. They look very similar to the overly-popular macaroons, they taste amazing, and they are also quite versatile – so you have all the reasons to love them. Serve your guests with these sweet treats and they will surely like the idea.

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unique wedding favors

  • A true classic everyone knows and loves, fudge is the perfect dessert for all of your guests, regardless of age. For a bit of variety, you can mix white and chocolate fudge and pack them nicely before offering them as wedding favors. We bet guests will love this!

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edible wedding favors ideas

  • Hot sauce. Everyone’s used to sweet wedding favors, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to offer something savory (or, in this case, spicy). If you have a special hot sauce you love, you can always offer them in personalized bottles or jars. Don’t limit your creativity and create fun, representative labels for these unique favors – everyone will appreciate it!

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