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Unique Footwear Ideas for Brides

All brides want to look special and original at their wedding, precisely because every bride’s look is like a mirror into her love story and her hopes for the future. Of course, you will choose a pretty dress and make sure your hair and makeup are flawless – but have you picked a special pair of shoes yet?

If you are still searching for ideas, here’s a very good one: have your shoe soles personalized with a message! Here are some of the ways you could pull this off:

unique bridal shoes

  • Have a cute message written. Have it written in black or any other color you think would work (e.g. one of your wedding colors). The message can be something as simple as your wedding date and/or married name, or it can be something else (such as a cute “Love You”, with one word written on each of the shoes).

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special bridal look

  • Have it written in blue. Want your shoes to double as something blue, but you are not very sure about wearing actually blue shoes? Have your sole message written in blue, then! You can show it off for the pictures, and even if you don’t you will still feel really special wearing them!

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unique wedding ideas

  • Get all the good luck! Did you know the “something old, something new” saying used to end with “a sixpence in your shoe”? For obvious reasons, this has been left behind – but how about bringing the tradition back to life in a more comfortable way, such as having a “sixpence” glued to your personalized shoes?


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