Last Minute Wedding Checklist You Must Have!

Your big day is around the corner. Hooray! Congratulations on making it through the most stressful time of planning. It isn’t over yet. We have compiled the an important checklist for couples to scan through a few days prior to their nuptials. Print this list out. Stick it on your fridge. Write it on the bathroom mirror. Tape it on your steering wheel. Post it on your phone. Put it wherever you will see it!

Eat Breakfast

Eating breakfast is at the very top of our list for a reason woman! Nobody wants to deal with a hangry bride. Have a small meal the morning of your wedding and be sure to hydrate and snack throughout the day. Keep that energy level at 100% – you’ll need it for dancing the night away!

Vendor Check-In

Vendor check-in comes with a few responsibilities creating a stress free wedding event. This checklist within our ultimate checklist is very important to read to make sure vendors will come through.

  • Call each vendor and make sure they know the directions to the venue, the exact time they are needed and ensure they are ready to go.
  • Designate a person they can contact in case of emergencies or changes.
  • Assure payment is complete. Preferably, pay vendors ahead of time. If this is not an option, create envelopes with full payment (or balance). Assign one person to hand these to each vendor as they arrive.
  • Create tip envelopes ahead of time. Write down the vendor names on each envelope. Assign someone to hand these envelopes to vendors before they leave.

Designate Responsibilities

So we have told you to designate responsibilities for vendor check-ins. All of these responsibilities play a major role in conducting the best day ever but it should not fall on the bride or grooms shoulders. This is exactly why you have bridesmaids and groomsmen! Find someone who is responsible and trustworthy to designate these important tasks. Aside from vendor check-in, have someone who will collect gifts/money, hand your signature drink recipe to the bartender and keep crazy family members in check and keep track of the wedding rings. Finally, select a person who has the newest iPhone camera to take all of your fun social media pictures and post them as the day goes on. Create a hashtag to allow people to follow the wedding day shenanigans in realtime.

Plan With Photographer

Talk to your photographer on what photos you really want, who you want in them and where. Obviously your photographer will take the general family photos but there may be some important people he or she doesn’t know about. You can even write out a list of names on a paper to hand to him/her. If you have your sorority sisters or old college roommates flying in for your wedding, make sure to get those special one-on-one pics! Remember, once the wedding and reception are over all you will have left is your very important husband and photos of the magical day (maybe some bills).

Write Down Your Signature Drink Recipe

Writing down your signature drink is simple yet highly overlooked. Jot down the exact recipe of your special drink. Make several copies. Hand these copies to your designated person to then deliver to the bartenders as they arrive at your wedding. Done and done.

Pack Emergency Kits

Packing an emergency kit is essential for the bride and the entire bridal party. Pack items to replace necessary wedding day must-haves. Simply pick up cute bags from target and fill them with items you can find in the travel section. Here is a list of what an emergency bridal bag should contain:

  • bobby pins
  • safety pins
  • Heel pads (don’t sink into the grass!)
  • facial wipes
  • mascara
  • stain remover
  • lipstick/lipgloss
  • bandaids
  • facial powder
  • blotting papers
  • gum/breath mints
  • deodorant
  • hair ties
  • sanitary pads/tampons

If you don’t have time to put these bags together you can buy one here!

Drop Bags Off Early

If your venue is at a hotel or if you are staying at a hotel near your venue make sure to drop off your bags early! These short tasks lighten the load on your brain so you can then focus on you and your honey. Pack post wedding sweats, something sexy to slip into at night or maybe your favorite socks. Whatever it is that makes you feel wonderful, pack it and send it off prior to your wedding day.

Get Your Gown To Its Destination

Get your gown to the room you are getting ready at is so important. Waiting last minute to haul that gorgeous gown to where it has to be can be daunting. Ensure your gown is in the bride’s suite the morning of or even the night before. Pack a steamer with your wedding dress to straighten out any wrinkles or creases.

Pack Honeymoon Bag

If you are jet setting for your honeymoon right after your wedding, plan ahead. Pack your honeymoon vacation bag with all the proper attire for your destination. Make sure your passport is up to date and secure it near your bag. Packing your bag ahead of time means you can grab and go! This is your time to unwind as a new couple, don’t waste it stressing over where you left your favorite sweater.

Make Your Guests Feel Appreciated

Your guests have taken time out of their schedule to come and celebrate you and your partner. Make them feel appreciated and loved. Sometimes it’s the simple things that make the biggest impact. For example, if your wedding is on the beach, leave your guests with sunscreen & sunglasses. If you are having a Covid-19 conscious wedding have masks readily available and small personalized bottles of hand sanitizer.

Write Your Partner A Note

During the hustle and bustle of wedding day frenzy it is hard to remember the big picture. You and your partner are becoming one. In the end, the flowers nor the cake really matters. What matters is that you and your honey are celebrating this day as you become one in union. A perfect way to make sure your loved one to be doesn’t feel forgotten is to write him/her a simple note. Let him/her know how much you love and adore them. It will also serve as a time to connect with your partner (not physically) before you meet down the aisle.

Break In Wedding Shoes

Please oh please for the love of your feet break in those darn gorgeous shoes! You purchased the shoes of your dreams. They go so well with your dress and complete the entire ensemble. But wait, they hurt so bad that you take them off before you can say I DO. I’m here to help you succeed with my own personal failings. Wear those shoes when you are washing dishes, when you are walking around the house, as you water plants. Slip those babies on when you can so they stay on all the way to the dance floor!

Double Check Transportation

Double check who is taking you to your wedding venue. Check how your mother and father will arrive. Ensure your bridal party and grooms party have a ride. Don’t get caught waiting in the middle of the street for a taxi. If you hired a private car or limousines, call the company and confirm pick up/drop-off times.

Back Up Plan For Unexpected Weather

Most wedding venues will have a plan B for unexpected weather. Talk with your venue coordinator to see what that back up plan is and where. Ensure that this back up plan space is accessible to all your vendors. Weather is unpredictable but you can plan ahead to make sure you aren’t caught in the rain.

Keep Track of the Rings!

Saved the best for last and most important. LORD keep track of those rings. Above all ensure the rings are exactly where they need to be. Not in your dog’s belly. Not with your two year old niece. Clean both rings before the ceremony. Hand them to the most responsible person you know. Whatever you do…KEEP TRACK OF THOSE RINGS!

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