Wedding Day Transportation

Arriving In Style…

The vehicle chosen for your arrival and departure at both the ceremony and reception, can be a special part of your wedding day.

It may range from simple to glamorous, or even outrageous! Recent Email received from brides-to-be have reported utilizing; convertible Corvettes, stretch limousines, antique Bentleys, horse-drawn carriages, Rolls Royces, and even golf carts.

By choosing transportation that reflects your individual personality, taste and style, you’ll shine as you arrive-in-style. But, with so many to choose from, and so little time, let’s review some guidelines to help select your transportation.



Considering the general theme of your wedding…

• Will your wedding be semi-formal or formal?
• Will you have pictures taken while traveling?
• What do you want this vehicle to say about you both?

You may desire a traditional or formal appearance, or you could be such a funster that you want your car to make your friends and family laugh as you ride up, veil blowing, in the country club golf cart.


•What amount have you budgeted ?
A tight budget may dictate limiting service hours and the number of persons able to ride with you. Your creativity may overcome any budget shortfalls.

•How many people will be transported ?
•Just you and your fiance
•The entire bridal party?

• How many hours will you need the driver?
• Do you need service all day for pick up and delivery to church, reception, airport, and to help with errands?
• Transportation (as entrance) to then reception from the church?
• Transportation (as farewell) when leaving reception?

The answers to these questions will help you decide what you’ll need when talking to the limousine/carriage companies to make arrangements. And they will appreciate that you’ve given it some thought.


Just as you’ve reserved your caterer, photographer, and DJ in advance of your wedding, your transportation service is no exception and should be contracted at least four weeks to eight weeks in advance.

Ask how far in advance they recommend making a reservation. Each company may differ based on how busy they are and whether it is peak season or not. (Peak season would be from May-September.)

Make sure there will be a back-up vehicle if the one you reserve should have problems the day of your nuptials and that both of them will meet with your approval.

Ask what is included in the price; champagne, sparkling cider, flowers, bar, snacks, just married sign, air conditioning?

Find out what the tipping policy and percentage is. And, when do they expect it?

How will you get the car, do you come to them or they to you?

How many people will fit? A limousine designed for eight usually accommodates six people comfortably.


Shave some stress off your wedding day by going over your schedule with the driver on the day of your wedding. Making sure they know what you expect and vice-verse makes for a happy, gracious bride with a smiling and helpful limousine driver. And that is the recipe for a wonderful beginning to the most important day of your life!



Limousine services should be reserved approximately two months in advance.

Upon meeting your limousine driver, review the details of your day.

Make sure your limousine company provides a back-up vehicle if the one you reserve should have problems.

Choose a limousine or carriage that will accommodate two more people than your party includes.

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