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These Wedding Favors Will WOW Everyone

Let’s face it: refrigerator magnets featuring a couple you know are not exactly your favorite home décor item, right? Why would you offer them to your wedding guests, then? After all, you want to make them really happy with the little attentions you leave on the table and you want them to really know how much their presence means to you – so it is very important to choose favors that are actually beautiful and elegant.

What are some of the best ideas? Here are some tips for you:

wedding favors

  • Wine glasses. Personalized or painted wine glasses are a classy way of thanking people for coming. The design of your wine glasses is your choice: you can have them painted with something generic, something that matches your wedding, or you can simply have them personalized with your wedding date and/or monogram.

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wedding favor ideas

  • Gumball machines. We all love being childish, even if just for a few minutes – and what could yell “childhood” and “pure love” more than gumball machines (in their mini version)? They’re adorable, they are perfect for all ages, and they come in a multitude of colors and designs to suit just about every type of wedding. Perfect for a playful couple!

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wedding ideas

  • Pretty mason jars. The absolute stars of wedding décor in the past few years, mason jars are truly versatile. Have them personalized to suit your style and your story and offer them to your guests! To make it even more special, fill them up with a delicious homemade treat (such as jam, for example). Nobody can resist this!

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Photo sources: Southern Lady’s Vintage CaptainBagpuss derrickloh photography

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