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Wedding Invitation Questions? Read These Etiquette Tips

We all know just how confusing and odd wedding etiquette can be sometimes. Like it or not though, there are etiquette rules that are still followed for a very good reason: they still make sense, even in today’s modern background.

What are the wedding invitation etiquette rules all couples should know before mailing them? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

wedding etiquette

  • You should allow your guests about 4 weeks to send back the RSVPs (calculating from the moment you send the invitations). However, if you want to have a local wedding and you know most of your guests are not from out of town, you can allow less than that (two weeks). And if you want to have a destination wedding, you should allow for more time, so that everyone has enough time to make the necessary appointments (12 weeks should be enough in this case).

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wedding invitation etiquette

  • You don’t have to invite plus-ones. Traditionally, you would only invite married or engaged significant others. These days, you can invite people who are simply in a serious relationship as well. Or, if you don’t have the budget to accommodate that many people, you can skip the plus-ones altogether. If someone sends back an RSVP that includes a plus-one despite your efforts to avoid this, you should call them and politely explain the situation.

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wedding invitation tips

  • Online invitations are fine – but not always for weddings. You can use them for the bridal shower or any other pre-wedding event, but if your wedding is even a little formal, you should still send out paper invitations.


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