Wedding Planning 101: How to Choose the Big Date

Picking the wedding date is one of the first (and, to be honest, the foremost important) elements of your wedding planning process. After all, this date will determine the venue, the style, how many guests will come to your wedding, and even the flowers and foods you use to make this day special.

How to choose the big date? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

wedding planning tips

  • Don’t rush. We know you want to rush down the aisle as soon as possible – but choosing the wedding date is extremely important, so take your time and think things out. Also, keep in mind that your engagement doesn’t have to last for one year – it can be longer than that, especially if you want to take your time to save the money and plan the wedding just as you have always dreamed of it.

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choosing wedding date

  • Make it a special one. If possible, try to choose a date that’s meaningful for you and your relationship. It can be your first date anniversary, your SO’s birthday, or any other day that’s emotional for you. Sure, venue availability might offset the date by a little, but if you plan well ahead of time, you stand a very good chance to get the venue you want, on the date you want it.

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wedding date tips

  • Take all aspects in consideration. Some of the most important issues to consider before setting the wedding date include holidays (which might mean a smaller number of guests), the day of the week (Saturdays being the most expensive days), your friends’ wedding dates, season, location, and so on. As mentioned before, don’t rush into anything – take your time and set the date that’s really perfect from all points of view.

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