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Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Tips

Wedding rehearsal is part of the wedding planning process. The entire bridal party, immediate family and even other members of the wedding ceremony are required to attend the wedding rehearsal in preparation for the wedding.


Wedding rehearsals are primarily set one or two days before the wedding ceremony. This is essential to provide an idea to all who are going to be a part of the event of their major role in the event. But what about after the rehearsal? Most couples choose to provide a wedding rehearsal dinner for those helping out with the wedding. Where? When? How? These are all questions you may have when it comes to the wedding rehearsal “after party” if you will. Below you will find some tips and ideas on throwing the perfect wedding rehearsal dinner:

Where – The place where the wedding rehearsal dinner will take place is an essential detail that people need to consider. Some families have their wedding rehearsal dinner in a restaurant while others just spend their time at the home of either the bride or grooms parents. Choose a suitable and cool place that encourages conversation and interaction.
Who pays – Generally the grooms’ family will be the one in charge of planning and paying for the rehearsal dinner.
Invites – For family members who don’t live near you, you may send them wedding rehearsal invitations via email or snail mail to inform them of the event details. If you are planning to hold the wedding rehearsal in a restaurant, you need to make a reservation. You’ll need to call them and give them the exact date and number of people who are involved in the event.
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