5 Reasons To Consider A Weekday Wedding

Why choose a weekday? There are so many reasons to have a weekday wedding! It is one of the best choices for a budget friendly wedding. Couple’s are able to keep the quality without sacrificing their wallet. Guests can travel cheaper and it can be a no brainer to turn an ordinary mundane Monday into a magical Monday!

Much more affordable.

Having a weekday wedding can be a lot easier on the wallet. I think it goes without saying that Saturday is the busiest day of the week for weddings. Weekend weddings in general can raise the costs for everything from caterers, venues all the way down to floral details/arrangements.

Having a weekday wedding tends to shorten your guest list to the closest people to your heart. This can also work great as a shorter guest list means less money spent on food/caterers, a smaller wedding cake and less tables to set/decorate. Save money overall and maybe splurge in areas that mean more to you. For instance, a smaller wedding cake can be customized to perfection vs. a big wedding cake but less details.

Many times venues and vendors will offer incentive discounts to couples looking for a weekday wedding. That allows couples to book on a budget and vendors to fill up less popular dates. Win win!

Cheaper airfare and accommodations.

Out of town guests can also save on travel and lodging arrangements. Airlines tend to be less expensive during the week letting your guests save money on travel options. Guests can also relax and take time to rest. For example, if a wedding is on a Monday, guests can fly in on a weekend and unwind before festivities start. Many times hotels are not at capacity during the week thus giving travelers weekday incentives and discounts. There will be more open rooms at hotels giving guests a variety of options. It saves money for everyone.

More time to spend with guests.

Similar to destination weddings, weekday weddings tend to have a smaller guest count. Run the weekday wedding date with some of your VIP guests to ensure they will be able to come. The best part is everyone on your VIP list that can attend will spend more time with the married couple! The rest of the guest list will be a lovely bonus.

Having a smaller guest list can be beneficial to a couple’s budget as well as a more intimate wedding. It can be a wonderful positive to spend ample time with those that are able to attend your wedding instead of saying a quick thank you while running around.

Another recent incentive for weekend wedding is during the Covid-19 pandemic many people have started working from home. This allows people the ability to travel throughout the week and bring work with them. People will be able to work from their hotel rooms and also attend a well planned intimate wedding.

Covid-19 conscious couples that want to stay safe and keep their guests safe certainly plan smaller more intimate weddings. If a smaller wedding appeals to you for health, safety or just in general definitely consider a weekday wedding! Save more without losing the quality of a weekday wedding allowing you to spend more on things such as your honeymoon!

Get the venue of your dreams.

A couple’s dream venue can be very challenging to book, especially on weekends. Most venues have their weekends booked for months if not years out. It can be a wet blanket on wedding planning to not tie the knot at your dream venue. Although, even the most sought after wedding venues tend to have weekdays open! Make sure to inquire about weekdays if running into this issue and perhaps even at a lower rate and/or discount!

Hidden Acres Venue

Vendors at your disposal.

Just as with venues, most of the top vendors are typically booked for weekends months or even year(s) out. Try to inquire about weekday availability and also get sizable savings as vendors try to fill up their week’s schedule. There are certainly high saving incentives from all vendors such as photographers, videographers, florists, make-up, decorations and even caterers.

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