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Welcome Your Out of Town Guests Properly!

Unless you are planning your wedding in the same town you and your future spouse grew up in, there’s a high chance you will have quite a lot of out of town guests invited at the Big Day. Even more, given that these people love you so much as to travel a long way for your wedding, you will also want to make sure you show your appreciation for their gesture.

How to properly welcome your out of town guests? Here are some tips you should remember:

out of town wedding guests

  • Make sure their rooms are prepared with welcome bags and/or baskets. Local goodies, homemade cookies, cosmetic products, bathrobes – these things make people’s trips more pleasant. Offer your out of town guests a personalized welcome bag and they will be so happy for your gesture!

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wedding planning for out of town guests

  • Make sure they have all that’s needed to get around the town. From maps and GPS coordinates to pictures and explanations, be sure to provide guests with everything they need to find the hotel, the venue, as well as a series of touristic attractions in the area. If your budget allows you, definitely hire a shuttle bus (especially for the wedding day).

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  • Make sure you make it easy for them. Ease off the stress of traveling by providing guests with accommodation and transportation options. Having to choose from a list that’s already narrowed down is always easier than trimming it yourself, so your guests will be more than appreciative of the gesture!

wedding planning tips

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