What are your roles as the mothers of the brides and grooms?

Being a mother is a role that never “ends”. However, when it comes to your son’s or daughter’s wedding, things can get a bit confusing – especially with all the etiquette rules you have to keep in mind. What are some of the most important duties you’ll have before and during the wedding? Read on and find out more.

mother of the bride

• Help the bride and groom create a guest list. It is perfectly normal that you want to invite some of your friends too – after all, these people have probably seen your son/daughter growing up. However, make sure you don’t get too “taken” and that you invite a reasonable number of people. The bride and groom will most likely have plenty of friends to invite too.
• Wedding dress shopping. If the bride asks you to do this, you should go with her and help her pick the best wedding dress. However, if she prefers going alone or with someone else, you should be more than OK with that too.
• Let people know of the wedding registry. Since it would be a faux pas for the bride to include wedding registry details in the invitations, she will need reliable people to spread the word about the registry – and you will definitely be among her top choices.
• Be a hostess at the wedding. Traditionally, the mother of the bride is the one who hosts the wedding (while the mother of the groom hosts the rehearsal dinner). However, this is the kind of “rule” you can break if you both want to host the Big Day.
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