What Do You Need To Know About Throwing An Engagement Party?

The ring is sparkling on your finger, and you’ve told everyone you know (and even some you don’t know) that your babe popped the question and you’re getting married! With so much excitement bursting threw you, it’s no wonder you can’t contain yourself. Your wedding might be months or years away, and nothing feels better than sharing that happy-go-lucky vibe that is coursing through your veins. Does that mean it’s time for an engagement party?

You’ve just got engaged – it’s time to throw an engagement party!

Engagement parties are a traditional celebration that allows everyone to toast to what the future may bring. Traditionally speaking, the engagement party is thrown by the family of the bride, and it’s an excellent opportunity for the two sides of the family to meet and gather if they haven’t already. It’s also a great way to get two groups of friends together for a night of mixing and mingling, as over the next few months, the entire group will be spending a lot more time together!

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If you have a large family or several groups of friends, don’t feel shy about throwing multiple engagement parties. You might throw a small, more intimate celebration for both of your immediate families, and then a larger party for your extended family and a third party that hosts all of your friends. Your engagement is as good a reason as any to throw a party; just make sure to stay conscious of your budget as you plan your festivities.

Your engagement is as good as a reason as any to throw a party!

There’s no hard and fast rule about how formal your engagement party needs to be. Some couples opt for a cocktail party after work at their favorite wine bar, where guests can dress up in some of their snazziest outfits to sip great drinks. Some people prefer to have backyard BBQs with metal tubs of beer and a ping-pong tournament. Whether you opt for a potluck or fully catered, as long as your guests have a clear understanding of the formality of the party, then you are good to go!

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The perfect way to put the icing on the cake at any engagement party is with a few small toasts. The host of the party should be prepared to give a short welcome toast, and the couple should be ready to give a short toast of thanks to the host and all their friends and family. It doesn’t matter how formal this toast is – a few sentences will do, but expressing gratitude to the group at each party is the best way to finish off the night!

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