What To Expect At A Costa Mesa Bridal Show

Have you looked at your wedding planning To-Do list lately? It could be that all you’ve got left is a few items to tidy up, or maybe you haven’t booked some big-ticket items like your wedding venue or photographer. No matter how big or small your list is, at Bride World, you can expect to find great vendors who can help make wedding planning easier – we bring them all together in one room!

This Saturday, January 4, we’re welcoming 2020’s best SoCal wedding vendors on-site to the OC Fair Event Center. Suddenly, is planning your dream wedding becomes a lot less stressful? With all the exhibitors, you are guaranteed to find great deals on your wedding, with special discounts and rates being offered that you will only find at Bride World.

Get tons of inspiration and ideas from SoCal’s best wedding vendors at Bride World.

Part of the fun of going to a bridal show is the experience – taking it all in with your friends and family! At Bride World, we offer a bridal fashion show featuring gowns from our exhibitors. Grab a seat with your bridesmaids, and take in some of the trendiest dresses available in stores. The best part about our bridal fashion show is if you see a gown on the runway that you fall in love with, the boutique that carries the gown is just steps away. Walk over, book an appointment, and it could be mere days before you are trying on your dream gown for your friends and family!

You’ll find wedding planning tips and advice to make wedding planning more fun!

With SoCal’s best wedding vendors at the show, you’ll get inspiration and ideas for everything from your floral arrangements to your stationery wording to wedding lighting. Bride World Expo is a one-stop shop for your wedding, make it less stressful and more fun. Wear comfortable shoes and bring your notebook, because you’ll want to spend the whole day taking in the decor inspiration, talking to vendors, and getting great information on the best deals SoCal wedding experts have to offer.

At Redondo Beach bridal show Bride World Expo on January 12, 2020’s best wedding specialists will be on site to answer your wedding planning questions and advise and assist you in your wedding planning. You can shop and compare all the professionals at Bride World in ONE day! There’s no need to rush around the city, from meeting to meeting, trying to book the perfect vendor. Bride World brings them all to one place!

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