Who Should You Take With You When You Go Wedding Dress Shopping?

You’ve poured through the magazines. You’ve combed Pinterest and the blogs. Your Instagram Collection is bursting with photos. It’s finally time. Your hunt for wedding dresses starts now, and you are ready to try on every and any gown in all the shops! Well – ok that would be beyond exhausting, but containing your excitement is getting tougher and tougher. You know shopping for your wedding gown is thrilling and emotional, so you’re going to need back up. It’s time to rally your crew. Feedback is essential when it comes to wedding gowns, as it might be the most expensive article of the clothing you ever buy, and it will be a part of photographs for the rest of your life. But too much feedback and too many opinions from family and friends can make shopping for your wedding dress overwhelming and confusing (not what you want!). So who should you invite to go wedding dress shopping with you?

Your Mom: If you have a strong, healthy relationship with your mom, then she is your number one, go-to gal when it comes to wedding dress shopping. While you might have different tastes, she’ll bring added insight to the table about which dress is you – after all, she’s known you pretty well for a pretty long time. 

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Your Sisters: No one has your back like your sisters, and no one will tell you how it is like your sisters. They also know which gown will make you feel most comfortable and most beautiful on the day of your wedding – they’ll be able to help remind you that you have to wear that dress all night long and to think big picture when you make your choice. 

Your Besties: Obviously. Your best friends will push you in the fashion department – they’ll challenge you to try on gowns you might not otherwise be willing to try. They’ll ooooh and aaaaah over every dress because they see how beautiful you are inside and out, and that’s why radiates and shines to them. 

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When you’re going wedding dress shopping, try to limit the number of people you invite. It’s tempting to invite 15 people, aunts, cousins, and all your bridesmaids, but pairing it down to 5 people or less will make it less stressful and give you more clarity. We know that wedding dress shopping is also emotional and unique, and you want to honor everyone by inviting them to be a part of this process. Put a little extra energy into finding different ways to make those additional people feel like a significant part of your wedding day! 

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