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You just got engaged! Now what? Take a look at these top tips on what to do after the proposal:

He popped the big question and you said “yes”. If you are even vaguely familiar, you probably know that this is the beginning of the whole wedding planning craze. However, what are the very first things you should do after getting engaged? Read on and find out more.

• Insure your engagement ring. If your fiancé hasn’t done this yet, make sure the first thing you do is insure the wedding ring. This is a fast and inexpensive thing to do and it will save you from a lot of trouble too. Also, make sure you buy two stands for your ring as well – one for the bedroom and one for the kitchen (so that you don’t allow the ring to slip into a meal, behind the counter, into the fire or down the sink).
• Call your close relatives and friends before posting pictures of the ring on social media. This is plain and simple the right thing to do. After all, you don’t want someone you haven’t seen in years to find out about your engagement before your mom does, right?
• Make sure you don’t commit to anyone before you create a guest list draft. In other words, don’t feel obliged to tell anyone that they are invited to the wedding before you even know how much you can afford paying for anything. This goes the same in the case of selecting bridesmaids and groomsmen as well, so don’t pop the question to anyone before you make a very brief plan of your wedding.
• Start planning. First, there’s the above-mentioned guest list draft and the budget. Then, there’s a wedding date (or at least an idea of what you would like your wedding date to be). Only once you have established all these things it is time to move on to checking wedding inspiration websites and books and to hiring adequate vendors for what you have in mind.
When you reach that stage of your wedding planning, don’t forget to stop by Bride World as well. We have gathered a great list of wedding vendors who are true professionals at what they do – check them out and select the ones you find most suitable for your Big Day!
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