You Must Do This On Your Wedding Morning!

There’s one thing I can promise you won’t happen on your wedding morning – your alarm clock will not be what wakes you up! It’s the most exciting day of your life, where your whole world comes together to celebrate the amazing person that has connected with your heart on the deepest level possible, who could sleep in on that day?!

With all the anticipation, adrenaline and excitement, there’s one thing that consistently brides, grooms, parents, family, everyone doesn’t do enough of on the morning before the wedding and that answer is – eat!!
Your wedding day is so full-on, eating a filling, healthy breakfast is one of the best ways you can ensure your day will only get better. By 4 pm, if you’ve only had 4 cups of coffee, we can promise that the jitters from the caffeine combined with the excitement of your day will only make you feel light-headed. While you say your vows, you want to be fully present and aware, not blushing because your stomach is growling like crazy!

As a part of your planning process, arrange a breakfast that your bridal party and your family can partake in as you all get ready today. Maybe it’s potluck style, where everyone brings a dish with finger foods that can be eaten quickly. Or maybe’s it’s something more formal, the hotel caters that you’re getting ready at.

Once you’ve taken care of breakfast, put a bridal party member or family member in charge of portable snacks to take with you to the wedding. Small bags of trail mix, muffins, protein bars, apples, bananas, these are all super healthy options that you can munch on as you travel to get photos done with your bridal party while your guests enjoy cocktails after your ceremony.

Taking the time to eat during your photos also ensures that even if you don’t finish your dinner at your reception, you’ll have enough fuel to make it on the dance floor! Many couples that the time when people are seated for dinner as the opportunity to walk from table to table to further greet guests. But all that means is your meal is sitting there getting cold! So make sure that you’ve got snacks on hand to munch on as the dance party gets started or something you can grab and eat at any time during the night! 

What else would you recommend brides MUST do the morning of their wedding? 

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