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Your Engagement Party

Your Engagement Party

By Carolyn Ambrose

Announce and celebrate your engagement amidst family and friends.


So you just became engaged and you want to tell the world, or at least those that are important in your part of the world. Plan to gather friends and family for an official announcement and appropriate celebration.


It may sound like a really big deal, but it isn’t. Traditionally the bride’s parents host this party but your friends or even you and your fiancÈe may host the celebration. It can be as simple as a cocktail party or a dinner at your house with a few close pals, your parents, and family. This will be the easiest and most casual of all your parties but doesn’t have to be if you want to get lavish, but do try to keep your budget in mind. Meet for drinks at your favorite dancing club, reserve lanes at the local bowling alley, have an outdoor barbeque. If you plan to have it away from home it will be a lot easier and you won’t have to labor over the details as much.

While most couples will have a simple engagement party celebration, some opt for a party that combines the engagement announcement with the bridal showerÖhence the engagement shower. This party has all the trimmings of the shower including the games, prizes, and gift giving as well as food and drinks. This party is much bigger to pull off and can include couples, family and friends (unlike a bridal shower which traditionally is just for the women friends and family of the bride).


Send out informal invites for whichever type of party you have planned or simply call them on the phone. Depending on the formality of your party you may decide that a phone call is easier. But remember, if they are hearing this news of your engagement for the first time, chances are each person will want to hear all about it. You could be on the phone for days. Create an invitation that announces your engagement, the party and how he proposed for an intimate twist. Your friends and family will be delighted for including them. And instead of having to retell the story over and over, you can start in the middle by just answering their inquiries about the details.

You also want to tell the rest of the world of you and your fiancÈes intentions. And of course, to let all those other girls know that their high school sweetheart is not on the market anymore. Submit your engagement announcement to your local newspapers, you or your fiancÈe’s hometown newspaper, and alumni magazines. Get the word out there; this is a time to celebrate the joy of your love.


Whether you decide to have a “blow out” or just a few friends for dinner, allow for candid conversation. Use this opportunity to assemble and assess those willing to assist with advice and planning. You’ll be surprised at the valuable guidance available as you begin the special journey of wedding planning!

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